Beacon 978MHz UAT ADS-B OUT

$ 1,885.00


The Beacon is a 978MHz Universal Access Transmitter designed for Experimental and Light Sport aircraft to meet the ADS-B out requirements. The Beacon integrates all essential components inside an antenna shaped casing that mounts on the outside of the aircraft. The simpler and smarter design makes for a less invasive product, minimizing installation time and cost, addressing pilot’s biggest challenges when trying to comply with the 2020 mandate.

There are four things to consider when purchasing the Beacon

1: The standard Beacon will come without a GPS source, meaning that this unit will be for an aircraft that already has a certified GPS position source output inside their airplane. With this option, the GPS output need to be wired in to the Beacon.

2: The Beacon can be manufactured with a certified position source built in. This is an ideal option for an aircraft that DOES NOT already have a certified position source built in.

3: Once you have chosen whether or not you need the Beacon WITH or WITHOUT GPS, the last thing to decide on is whether you need a pre-wired wiring harness, or will be doing your own wiring.  With both Beacon options, you will need to choose to either purchase a wiring harness, or just get the plugs and self-wire the beacon.

  1. The Beacon WITH GPS, needs to have a GPS antenna, Levil Aviation offers one that is manufactured by RAMI. A GPS antenna can be purchased either from us, or any major pilot shop. You also have to option to use an existing GPS antenna already on the aircraft.


Why the Beacon as your ADS-B OUT solution?

  • It allows pilots to broadcast their position to both ground stations and other aircraft around, making aviation safer.
  • Allows EA pilots to have an all-in-one solution that eliminates the need to upgrade avionics.
  • Available to consumers at a lower price than any existing solution in the market today.
  • Minimized installation time and cost with an integrated circuit board, altimeter encoder, WAAS GPS, and Power Decoder.
  • Combining low cost, easy installation, and practicality make the Beacon one of the top competitors in the ADS-B market.­